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…a silver lining!

That’s what my late mom used to always say (very positive personality, my mother)

These days, we talk about ‘manifesting’ our good fortune. Or karma (I like the karmic attitude, if truth be told)

Nice things happen to nice people” or “you get what you deserve out of life

Either way, you’re going to run into some good fortune in one way or another, whether you recognize it or not.

My old man had a theory, and it works out pretty well: “if you flip a coin a hundred times, it’ll come down heads (near enough) fifty times and tails (near enough) fifty times too. But it’s a random sort of attitude. perhaps it’ll come down heads eighteen times on the trot. Perhaps it’ll come down tails nine times and then heads. But over the course of a lifetime, your luck will fluctuate accordingly

So the eighteen cases of bad luck will even out as you get older. or the nine cases of good luck will ebb away over time.

It’s what you MAKE of the good luck and bad luck. And how you turn the bad luck into good: “THAT’s the way to deal with life” he’d say

Smart man my dad

I was with a guy last week who swore that if he didn’t have bad luck he’d have no luck at all. But just sitting with him, watching him get all worked up over a football match, I could see he was getting his fair share. He just didn’t recognize the fact. And he was manifesting (praying for) silly things. Like : “Oh God, I hope this jerk misses this penalty” (which he did) or  “if it rains in the second half, the turf will be slick and we play a faster passing game on wet turf…” (hey, it lashed it down right on half time!)

See: he didn’t REALIZE he was getting his fair share of good fortune, even though he was begging for it.

And we all do it every day: “oh please God, let it be brown bin day, not grey bin today...” (that was actually mine this morning… I know, I know, I live a sad life don’t I?). So what if we were more conscious of what we are actually asking for?

If a man waits by the river long enough, he will get to see the bodies of all his enemies float on by” said Sun Tzu (allegedly) although I prefer “patience is a virtue” by Cato The Elder (less bloodthirsty)

Either one can be translated into a mantra that professes calmness and patience.

Don’t go seeking vengeance” or “que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be...” (Did you just channel your inner Doris Day then?) 🙂

I did 🙂

And that’s because I’m on high this morning. I’ve turned one of my negatives into a positive. So now I feel all happy and frivolous. Smiley and full of endorphins. And that attracts even more good luck (well, maybe it doesn’t “attract” it, but I’m certainly in a good mood, so things FEEL a lot brighter)

Anyway, the moral of this story is, to keep on going. Not everything is going to wear you down, no matter how much it feels like it. Two years ago I was in a psychiatric unit on suicide watch (for my own safety) which I didn’t ask for, and to this day it still riles me to think about it. But that’s where they discovered I’d contracted a rare form of autoimmune meningitis which had caused the encephalitis destroying my brain. Three months later I was discharged from the Walton Neurological Centre with a clean bill of health. See? That bad luck thing, that ‘negative’ which had made my life so bleak, turned out to be the very thing that saved my life.

And now look at me 🙂

Stop. STOP IT. I know you’re looking back at the “grey bin” or “green bin” thing again 🙂

Truth is, I won a fiver on a football accumulator (ignore the tenner I lost, for now, please) and the high that it gave me has triggered a rush of stuff I must write down. So, I’m writing again, and once I start, it’s hard to stop (I write as I speak, so, being a gobby scouser… yep, you’re gettn’ it!)

And I’m in a good mood (might just go do the lottery with my new found wealth) 🙂

But for every high, there will be a low (that’s the quantum theory result of the contemplative and rationalized summarial form of abstracted generalization put forward in Aristotle’s “Eudemian Ethics”) or as my big sister would say: “HEY, that’s karma for you!”

Besides, it gave me a chance to put my ugly face on some stylish, pretty, motivational memes…

Now GO HAVE A LOVELY DAY (all is good, regardless of what the media might tell you)


The Arl Fella



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